85mm Cutting Length - Carbide - Tersa Planer Knife



Type - Tersaª
Steel Grade - Carbide
Length - 85mm
Width - 10mm
Thickness - 2.35mm
Brand - Tersaª
Tersaª blades may require up to a 1 week wait prior to shipping.
Priced per knife. Purchase in pairs.

Carbide is a very hard metal that can increase tool life up to 12 times that of HSS. It is recommended for hickory, teak, tropical dense hardwoods, MDF, edge glued stock and other man made materials. Carbide can nick easier so it is to be used with clean wood. Consider running two carbide knives and two HSS knives for long life and smoother finishes. All knives are double edged and fit the Tersaª brand cutterheads. These knives are the original Swiss Made Tersaª brand knives.

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