Flooring Tongue - Titan Diamond Cutter

Wood: Face Up


Cutter for 3/4" Flooring - TONGUE SIDE 

(Choose Face Up, Face Down, Face Up Micro Bevel, or Face Down Micro Bevel)
Minor Cutting Diameter - 5"
Bore - 60mm 
Brand - Titan Knife

Titan Knife Diamond Flooring Cutters utilize Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD); the hardest and one of the most abrasive resistant materials used in cutting tools today. A conservative estimate is that PCD cutters will last 25 times longer than carbide and given the right conditions and maintenance it is conceivable for it to outlast carbide by a ratio of 300:1. PCD cutters are made to extremely tight tolerances resulting in faster feed rates and better finish. Although PCD is typically used for processing highly abrasive man made materials such as MDF and composites; it can also be used for some of the more dense and abrasive hardwoods. The more abrasive the material is, the greater the benefit of PCD.

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