Biolube Lubie GP Woodworking Lubricant

Size: 4x1 Gallon Bottles


Lubie® GP

A synthetic oil blend that will not get gummy or burn on the blade. GP (General Purpose) is designed to lubricate, cool, and retard resin and pitch build-up on band saw blades, thin kerf circular saw blades, and other wood tooling. Lubie® GP provides over twice the lubricating strength of diesel fuel. Many mills use GP to lubricate the headrig ways and carriage wheels and rails. GP is low cost, odorless, non-irritating to skin, nontoxic and environmentally friendly. GP does not contain silicones and will not stain or discolor wood.

Lubie® GP (General Purpose) replaces diesel fuel in spray, drip, and wick systems. Mills using GP on band saw blades find the cost lower than diesel fuel while eliminating the fire hazard, personal safety, and odor problems of diesel. Lubie® GP is most effectively applied through Biolube spray systems which give the ultimate in application and volume adjustment. Wick, drip, and other spray systems run GP effectively.

Lubie GP lubricating oil is nontoxic, biodegradable, non-irritating, and has FDA approval. It does not contain any chemicals listed in SARA Title III, Section 313, or in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.

PHYSICAL DATA Raw Material Base Petroleum Hydrocarbon Color Light / Clear Boiling Point N/A Specific Gravity 0.870 Flash Point >179°C, >355°F Freeze Point N/A Percent Volatiles by Weight N/A Lubricity Rating 0.079 (diesel fuel=0.034) Solubility <0.1% Odor Mild Pour Point -46°C, -50°F USED ON: Gang Rip Saws by: Mereen-Johnson, SCMI, Cornell, Diehl, Brewer and Yates. Band Saws by: McDonough, Salem, Filer & Stowell, Wheiland, Brewer, Kimwood, Ferrari, Forestor

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